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Transitions in writing: Showing passage of time...Patricia Polacco is so good at this.  I need to break out her books

Writing: showing passage of time.Patricia Polacco is so good at this. // use for memoir unit and polacco author study next year

point of view / Halloween cute idea to do for art or for a creative writing prompt

This pin contains some ideas for creative writing prompts for high school age students. This particular prompt is for students to write a narrative about Halloween from the perspective of a piece of candy! I think this is such a fun idea!

Synonyms for  "said".

Lessons with Laughter: Reading &Writing Notebooks. New Covers! - Used this this year. Great source - Made smaller ones and laminated them into my students writing folders.

Proyecto para la clase

Class journals - once a student writes in it they have the option of choosing a sticker from my collection to place on the front cover. The stickers show me how many kids have tackled each topic. New twist on my classroom journals.

Six story leads:  Dialogue (Talking)  Sound Effect (Onomatopoeia)  Ask a Question  Action Leads  Snapshot (Small Moment)  Flashback

Story Starters- Anchor Chart & Printable

Grade Thoughts: Hook your reader with a great beginning anchor chart! Need to add examples with my posters!

One of the most powerful ways to become a better writing teacher is to write.  And one of the most essential things to write is what we expect our students to write.  Dina Coverstone is doing just …

Organizing Research Notes for Expository Writing [Each envelope represents a subtopic. Inside the envelopes, students tuck pieces of support or facts for that particular subtopic. Folds up and fits in writing folders.] Stacy Shubitz Two Writing Teachers

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My old teaching pal - Beth Albery Newingham: Writer's Notebook Teacher Assessment Rubric; lots of other writing resources here too.

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Types of Verbs Anchor Chart. Need an anchor chart for all parts of speech, figurative language, vocab, . by ofelia

Transitional Word List - I thought I had already pinned this one, but it is no where to be found on my board.

Transition word list - something my high school students always seem to struggle with! Stray away from the first, next, last model to improve quality of writing

Narrative - small moments watermelon vs. seed chart.

Launching Writer’s Workshop

Writing about small moments.a Seed vs. a Watermelon anchor chart.there are a number of terrific writing anchor charts here, but this is my favorite! Kids always want to choose a topic that is just too big! This helps them narrow it down.

A nice anchor chart you can use when introducing onomatopoeia.

Teaching How-To Writing, Part 2!

This is a beautifully made anchor chart explaining onomatopoeia. I like how it has the onomatopoeia words written in different colors. It is also written in rhyme so you could have the students chant it out loud together.