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Dr. Who

I love this! He's like an evil Timelord superman!XD "The Doctor! My fangirls need me!" *Tears shirt open resulting in swooning from fangirls*

David Tennant's (10th Doctor) coming back for the 50th Anniversary. Possibly along with Billie Piper (Rose). And. I'm going to die.

50th Anniversary Special - don't know who else is a whovian, but the scarf in this references back to the first Dr. Who doctor I watched, David Tennant. Now, how will this play out…

Doctor Who Day 21 Favorite Couple- Rory and Amy. Still a better love story than Twilight ;) // okay, not hating on Twilight here cause why bother? However I LOVE Amy & Rory<3

Skreenedfrom Skreened

Time Lord Party | Hoodie | Funny Doctor Who Shirts

'Dr. Who' hoodie... fantastic.