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  • Sherry Thompson

    Harone Na Hythe, from "Seabird". This would be from early in the 2nd half of the story, specifically Chapter 3. Earlier that night their sm group was attacked. Someone was severely wounded, and they barely escaped from their attackers. They're hiding in a ruined summer barn--wondering how long until their foes find them. Click to enlarge!

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I have more literary best friends than the original makes & models.

These are bricks painted as books! Imagine a quaint garden with piles of these "planted" here and there. Rectangular flowers! Who knew?

A book's silent invitation: "See my title, my font, the design of my cover? I am for you".

My ratio? One cup coffee -> 2 pages rough draft. One cup + 1 oz. dark chocolate -> 3 pgs and/or unexpected plot twist

"Writers are supposed to have some mystical bond with their pens... as if their pen strokes were what readers ultimately consumed..." The author of the article continues with his awakening to the existence of exotic pens & the sensual pleasure of studying their contours... Oh! Or -writing- with them! ...Bet you can't write just one! :-D

Suppose I told you that this is what you see when you look down from your bedroom window. Where are you? What is just out of your sight?

"Cool Story, Bro! Needs More Dragons." ... .... I was writing a a cool story with a negative number of dragons, I gave up when they deleted everything I'd written .. (SnorgTees t-shirt logo)

...says the well-read figuratively insane

"Ricochet", the smartest and most civil conversation on the web. Engage in great conversations on just about any topic on our exclusive Member Feed. ***Write your own posts and let the world know what you think*** Interact with our contributors as well as fellow members. Have your voice heard by opinion-makers. Comment by I.raptus, "Excellent choice with the short format; 10-15 minutes is perfect."

I love pictures like this! Suddenly dozens of theories about what I see and what is just out of sight are all clamoring for attention. To follow themagicfarawaytt..., go to --- --- The "follow" button is near the top of the screen on the left.

"Fantasy must shake off the tyranny of the mega-novel" Yeah! Right!...Wait! Tyranny? There's no misericordes at the throat of readers, making them buy door-stop books. As for authors--and I happen to know at least one--why create a wonderously detailed world rooted in 100s of centuries of horror, joy, sacrifice, cataclysm, alliances &betrayals, filled with 4-dimensional creatures, quirky-minded plants, humans of every motive, devotion, depravity & flaw. And chuck all that work after 75000 words?

Keep Writing Anyway! (Thanks to Christopher Meeker and Hawthorne Books)

The Last Battle "cover reveal version 6". tLB is a 13,000 word fantasy novelette that I wrote specifically for Tree House Tales. I hope to publish the story on Amazon. Some year. Unexpected obstacles, etc.... (99 cents for Kindle, but there will be freebie days)

Tomorrow's "Nourish Your Creativity" assignment. Make a list of everything that might be behind this door.

I feel like this captures--or should capture--a moment in a YA fantasy novel. Maybe it does but there wasn't any clue at the source... Does this remind you of anything?

"10 Things People Say to Creative Writers (but shouldn't) by graphospasm Why would #10 be unwelcome? Isn't this someone being enthusiastic about our work?

Image: The Domesday Book from William Andrews, Historic Byways and Highways of Old England (1900), public domain.

"Trinity College Library, Ireland" from The World's Most Beautiful Libraries.

The Steve Laube Agency

books.... Gorgeous! but at my age I have to ask, "Where's the (book-lined) elevator?"

Oh, yeah! Literary Portal, Dartmouth, New Hampshire

"heaven is a bookstore" Are we sure this isn't a personal library? ;-D

Bookshelf stairs by Mark Woolard But can you reach the books?