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Harone Na Hythe, from "Seabird". This would be from early in the 2nd half of the story, specifically Chapter 3. Earlier that night their sm group was attacked. Someone was severely wounded, and they barely escaped from their attackers. They're hiding in a ruined summer barn--wondering how long until their foes find them. Click to enlarge!

Different types of blood impacts on surfaces and resulting patterns. Variables that determine the shape of the blood-spatter (bloodstain) patterns include volume of blood, speed at which it is falling, direction (angle) of motion, and angle of impact.

No question: I both want & need one of these! First, just as the inventor planned--for reading a book while eating; Second, while transcribing text from a tightly-bound book to a WORD doc, instead of holding the book open with an elbow. Using a crinkly kitten toy or the puppy's chewbone as a page marker does not improve efficiency. "Book on Book" is manufactured by TENT (Japan) & can only be purchased from them. cost approx $65

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Dear Maggie. Do you have advice for those of us in the trenches desperately scooping words into a bucket that may have a hole in its side? Sometimes writing a novel -Such a Big. Thing.- feels useless and scary when you know there isn't a soul on this earth waiting to read it. There are no fans with unobtainable expectations or otherwise and I suppose I should find that freeing, but lately I just find it sad. How do you perform to an empty auditorium? How do you paint in a museum for the blind?

Maggie Stiefvater: On writing without an audience

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26 Amazing Typewriter Tattoos That Will Inspire You To Write

"Think, Write, Create" | 26 Amazing Typewriter Tattoos That Will Inspire You To Write

(by Rayne Hall) So, dear writer or dear reader, what happens next? What do you feel? hear? smell? And what will you do about it?

These could be the blended hues of spring leaves in Melwood, except someone forgot to add rusty orange. If this doesn't make sense, I guess you would have to have been there. (Narenta during "Seabird")