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    • Sherry Thompson

      Harone Na Hythe, from "Seabird". This would be from early in the 2nd half of the story, specifically Chapter 3. Earlier that night their sm group was attacked. Someone was severely wounded, and they barely escaped from their attackers. They're hiding in a ruined summer barn--wondering how long until their foes find them. Click to enlarge!

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    Ain't it the truth! sunnydaypublishin...

    Speaking of which: Remember to bring at least two books with you wherever you go.

    "3000 Classic Books on 1 Flash Drive" This is so cool! Thanks. Grace!

    "Library, Cornell University, New York" Hmm. Nice arrangement for a personal library. The rest of the room contains comfortable reading chairs & sofas, a restored ancient store fireplace, and an alcove with espresso machine & micro-chocolatier's display case. What did I miss?

    Wow! Be careful what you wish for! Still... What are memories? I think some memories hurt because our personal "emotional baggage" colors how we look at it. Without our "interpretation" the memory might be a delight to others. What do you think?

    Homer, Alaska

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    { I believe rain is a lullaby for the writer's soul } www.raeelliottboo...

    random deep thoughts 6

    "'Very' is the most useless word in the English language. More than useless, it is treacherous because it invariably weakens what it is intended to strengthen." ~Florence King. -- "Substitute ‘damn’ every time you’re inclined to write ‘very;’ your editor will delete it and the writing will be just as it should be." ~Mark Twain

    REPURPOSED from MarchexCEO Pete Christothoulou post: Owner of a small masonry business,my father chose to sweat over every brick,making sure each one was right.He’d say Why build something fast only to watch it crumble? Mistakes give you wisdom which becomes your best guide. You learn what NOT to do which is just as important as understanding what TO do What my father really meant was the joy doesn’t come from laying down your last brick but from the intention you put into laying dwn each one

    Logo for the 8th Annual Creative Writers' Conference in Lewes, DE. August 22 2015. I won't be attending due to my usual lack of transportation but to all those are... Enjoy! Learn Things!

    I never knew these were Southern! Still, age may have jiggery-pokeried my memories. Or maybe this is all a fig newton of my amalgamation.

    With thanks to Shannon Connor Winward, poet.

    I've done this in email

    I have more literary best friends than the original makes & models.

    These are bricks painted as books! Imagine a quaint garden with piles of these "planted" here and there. Rectangular flowers! Who knew?

    A book's silent invitation: "See my title, my font, the design of my cover? I am for you".

    My ratio? One cup coffee -> 2 pages rough draft. One cup + 1 oz. dark chocolate -> 3 pgs and/or unexpected plot twist

    "Writers are supposed to have some mystical bond with their pens... as if their pen strokes were what readers ultimately consumed..." The author of the article continues with his awakening to the existence of exotic pens & the sensual pleasure of studying their contours... Oh! Or -writing- with them! ...Bet you can't write just one! :-D

    Suppose I told you that this is what you see when you look down from your bedroom window. Where are you? What is just out of your sight?

    "Cool Story, Bro! Needs More Dragons." ... .... I was writing a a cool story with a negative number of dragons, I gave up when they deleted everything I'd written .. (SnorgTees t-shirt logo)

    ...says the well-read figuratively insane

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