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You know he could have just said "I was a soldier. I can kill people" but he didn't. He said "I've killed people" which means he probably believes, because there were people he couldn't save, that he killed them. Oh john.

I seriously love this because in all the other detective/cop shows I watch people can have full on shootouts and the cops don't come. This is realistic<-- pinning for this<---- dont watch this show but this is awesome :) maybe i should start...

''This is a won't leave the flat for anything lower than a agreed.'' ''When did we agree that?!" ''Yesterday.'' ''I was'nt even at home yesterday I was in Dublin.'' ''Well it's hardly my fault you were'nt listening......'' *turns* ''SHUT!UP!"

Ben is a better Sherlock than RDJ was. IM SO SORRY ROBERT BUT ITS THE TRUTH!!! Please don't be mad Robert :( If it makes him feel better...he's the freakin best Tony Stark in the universe, he could be 105 and still kill it as Tony!

28 Reasons To Like Louise Brealey, AKA Molly From "Sherlock" She actually does sound like the kind of smart, snarky, witty, mischievous, deviant person I'd like to be friends with :-) // ♕❁Follow❁♕ → @anatastical ←

"My employer is a tremendous fan of your blog." The Queen reads my blog. I love how his facial expression is so clear that I actually consider the second sentence a line in the script.

I honestly love the color of his eyes, every shade they turn. I especially love the little brown spot in his left eye. It's amazing how little things like this add to his beauty.

"I have a map." "So do I." "Where?" "In my head, Jawn. There's this thing in my head called a Mind Palace. We've been over this." "Yeah, yeah. So what way?" "Not sure mind refuses to allow me to access it. Must've deleted it."

This is a blog of various (BBC) Sherlock Quotes that is run by Usagi-Girl (link in sidebar). Feel free to ask or submit anything. Check out my Doctor Who and Tom Hiddleston Quote Blogs too! Have a good day! Catch ya later!...or not..