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Used to go uptown and eat at Bob's...would sometimes see the girls from Whittier High kissing him...some kind of dare.

Shoney's Big Boy Restaurant--Also known as Manners Big Boy

Bob's Big Boy

Bob's Big Boy

This chubby boy in red and white checkered overalls holding a burger is the mascot for Big Boy Restaurants. The inspiration for this lovable character was Richard Woodruff. At the age of 6, Richard walked into Bob Wian’s diner and Mr. Wian said “Hello, Big Boy” and the rest was history. The name

Bob’s Big Boy Hamburger and Sauce Recipe

In the early 1970s, A&P supermarket had a store located in the Middleton Shopping Center @ 19th and Reid Streets in Palatka.

The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company Use to get Green Stamps when shopping here


Girls in the always wore dresses like this to school; girls were not allowed to wear pants, except in the winter and they had to wear them under their dresses and remove them when they got to school. Sears, Roebuck and Co. Catalog and J C Penny's too!

Fisher Price Little People dog. My little sister was obsessed with her Little People family. Their peg bottoms fit in a car and a school bus and I think a camper.

Vintage Fisher Price Dog, remember this as a kid?

Bob's Big Boy restaurant

Bob's Big Boy Menu 1965 - in Cleveland they were called Manners Big Boy - just as tasty and just as popular!

Pantene ad (1989) 'Don't hate me because I'm beautiful.'

Pantene ad 'Don't hate me because I'm beautiful.No extensions needed…



Merlin; The Electronic Wizard. This old, old school!

Merlin; The Electronic Wizard. This old, old school!

Silly Putty. You could press it against the comics and the ink would stick to it.

SILLY PUTTY and you always had to try and lift the comic off the page. Loved Silly Putty & funny pages. Also pressed quarters on it to make impressions.

I never knew how to fold this one...thanks Pinterest!!

fun ways to fold notes. I used to be the Queen of note folding back in high school!


Loved their Bob's Big Boy Hamburger, French fries dipped in their Roquefort Dressing and a Coke.

this was like gold to me when I was little, I always had to use the cheap ones

Crayola Crayons - remember "Prussian blue" and "spring green"?the 64 box. I remember opening it and marveling at all the colors. The wonderful sharpener. Even now, when I open a new box of crayons the happy memories just flood back and I smile.

Bob's Big Boy...   this was the first drive in restaurant I went to when I got my license...  you would drive around to the back where the cars would pull into a space with the speaker...   I felt like such an adult...  until the food came and I didn't have enough money  :o\

Shoney's Big Boy Restaurant--Also known as Manners Big Boy