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Level of awesomeness: Epic. How many costumes allow parents to make their kid a leash kid and still be the coolest costume ever? This time the parent is on the leash. Your kid ain't a pet but this is a pretty cool costume idea

Aaron on the Toilet. Handmade costume.

On the Toilet - Halloween Costume Contest at Costume-Works.com

Книжный костюмчик Diction-fairy!

A 'Diction-fairy' or book-fairy costume. "Thanks to the Children's Reading Foundation for this amazing Halloween costume. A great way to give new life to a discarded book.

Grant Wood’s “American Gothic” | 17 Brilliant Art History-Inspired Halloween Costumes

17 Brilliant Art History-Inspired Halloween Costumes

Did this American Gothic couple escape their placement in the Art Institute of Chicago? Artist Grant Wood, the artist behind American Gothic painting, would be proud.

costume tarantula......pool noodles maybe???     HALLOWEEN COSTUMES #provestra

Super-Crafty Costume Contest: The final field is here — vote now!

@Katie Schmeltzer Anderson, maybe this should be your next Halloween costume, the Barbie head.

Barbie styling head halloween costume, what a funny idea! Go to party with no make up and people can style you, see how that turns out, LOL! this is too fun!

Quick and easy last minute halloween costumes

Quick Halloween Costumes You Can Make At Home

Hershey KissWhat you'll need:- Tin foil- Paper- Cardboard Photo:Pinterest Photo: Pinterest

Last-minute DIY costumes that are actually kind of awesome