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the truth about religion: you are choking. i have two choices. 1. i perform the Heimlich maneuver. 2. i pray for you. which do you want me to do? - dr lawrence krauss

Performance Elite Challenge (Athletes!) These are the different levels of workouts! Find which fits you best! to order now!

Peppermint tea is fantastic for singers. Find out which other drinks are good for your voice at #singing #singingtips #howtosing


Dangerous Arts: To dance or to Die

knife dance

The party was at Auntie Gin’s house in Huyton. By now, Paul could afford a marquee in the garden.This is inside the house, where my comedy group, Scaffold, are performing for the guests. John Gorman and Roger McGough are onstage, and I’m photographing reactions to the act. The jokes are going well with Paul, his girlfriend Jane Asher, and an old school chum, Ivan Vaughn, but John Lennon was so pissed he kept shouting, ‘That’s not funny’ (until Paul told him to ‘Shhh!,’ which he did)…

The 8 Limbs of Yoga are at the heart of traditional yogic philosophy. These tenets have been around for well over 1,000 years. Yoga is so much more than the performance of physical postures and is most thoroughly described in the book, “The Yoga Sutras of Patañjali”. The word “sutra” translates as “thread” and is used to describe a thread of thought. Ashtanga Yoga is a term which means “The Eight Limbs of Yoga”. “Astha” means eight, “Anga” means Limbs, and Yoga means Union. (Click to read…

Gigabyte claims its RX 480 graphics card runs completely silent -> Gigabyte has announced its new RX 480 G1 Gaming graphics card which boasts nifty custom cooling that's dead quiet and software that allows for easy overclocking. The card comes in two variants with 4GB and 8GB of video RAM on board but otherwise they are identical. Gigabyte didn't talk clock speeds in the information it released to the press but the company did big-up its custom cooling…

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An Inside Look At ADHD Infographic

An Inside Look At ADHD Infographic :: Researchers indicate that even modest reductions in sleep time can have an effect on neurobehavioral functioning, possibly affecting the academic performance of ADHD children negatively. Even small changes in computer time, dinner time, or staying awake to do homework can lead to poorer neurobehavioral functioning the next day and effect sustained vigilance and attention, which are vital for optimal academic performance.

I programmed 12 different workouts which are called "The Linchpin Dirty Dozen". They will simply be labeled as Tests 1 through 12. The goal is to use these 12 tests as an assessment. If you perform all twelve you will get an excellent idea of your strengths as well as areas which need improvement. They will be released sporadically and are separate from the Linchpin workout of the day. #CrossFit

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12 Chakra Mantras to Unblock Energy

Here are some chakra mantras you can use (that are known to be in vibrational harmony with each chakra), to open and harmonize your system.

On running shoes (Cloud runner) sz 7.5 The high performance ON RUNNING shoes are really comfortable and fit like a glove to your feet! These are the only kind of running shoes I wear and I am parting with this pair because I have four others and I feel that I have no use for these. Women's Size 7.5 gray and yellow shoe which goes with any athletic outfit you may have. These are used and the do have some staining as well as use in the insole and bottoms of shoe but still in good condition and…


8 Signs an Employee Is Exceptional (Which Never Appear on Performance Evaluations)

Many are good. Some are superior. And a few--just a few--are exceptional. Here's how to tell the difference.

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Impact Grey Slate Effect

The exquisite and unique original Filita stone comes from the Brazilian mountains.Our porcelain version improves its technical performance and really brings out the definition of shades.Available in 4 colours as well as matching mosaics which are great for feature walls and wet rooms.These tiles are suitable as both wall and floor tiles and can be used in kitchens and bathrooms as well as open plan living spaces.

#renewyoungjustice I actually just re-re-re-watched this episode last night and I am past the point in which I can literally say what they are about to say before they say it