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    How to make four different fandoms mad

    Being a Nerd is awesome :D

    Yeah.... Only as a child... >.>

    Nerd joke!

    Nerd win

    I’m quitting life to become a burrito. This looks like me and studying.

    Tumblr - Welcome to the Supernatural Fandom

    Random fandom teacher

    I am a nerd of EPIC proportions...this made me snort!!

    21 Tumblr Posts Hilariously Hijacked By Fandoms....this is the only reason why I would join Tumblr

    Internet win

    Way to get the fandoms roiling, Loki.

    Grammar Fun

    ALL the fandoms with ALL the feels.

    How to offend every nerd at the exact same time. Nooooo!

    Netflix Customer Service WIN. Laughed soooo hard!!

    *snort* *giggle*

    Isn't that the point of tumblr?

    So true.

    The 20 Craziest Fandoms On Tumblr