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How to make four different fandoms mad

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Being a Nerd is awesome :D


Throne of nerds…

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The Throne of Nerds is made in honor of the Throne of Swords from the Game of Thrones TV series and fantasy series. It is constructed from 20+ computer keyboard mounted to a chair. The keyboards and have been shaped and melted to follow the form of the chair, the shape of the user, and to meld together into a combined whole.


DJ Enzyme in the mix…

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Nerd joke!


Perfect opportunity…

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So, just to make sure everyone's clear on this, it was the FEMALE who pulled the Bane quote outta nowhere. Men, woman are awesome and fantastical nerds too. Get over it.

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You are my hero random fandom teacher...


Let me play you the song of my people…

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Stop Bragging Quotes

By Stopper


Yeah.... Only as a child... >.>

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Nerd win

Meraki Lanefrom Meraki Lane

Our neighbors think we're getting a divorce

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My husband doesn't do a lot of socializing for business, but when he does, he gets the entire neighborhood involved. Read this funny story to find out what he did (and why the lady that lives across from us keeps looking at me with pity in her eyes).


I’m quitting life to become a burrito…

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Sad Moment

I’m quitting life to become a burrito. This looks like me and studying.

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This brings back memories. Mom: You're gonna get stuck. Kid:I'm not putting my legs all the way in. (Turns to friend) Push me. (Slips all the way into baby swing) Mom: (A little panicked but laughing as she dials 911) Please come. My kid is stuck in a baby swing. Police: (To mom) Get a picture of this. You're going to want it for blackmail. (Turns to other officer) Call John. (Turns back to mom) John is our animal control guy. He has tools. John with animal control comes with bolt cutters.

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I am a nerd of EPIC proportions...this made me snort!!

BuzzFeedfrom BuzzFeed

21 Tumblr Posts Hilariously Hijacked By Fandoms

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21 Tumblr Posts Hilariously Hijacked By Fandoms....this is the only reason why I would join Tumblr

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Kindness once again spotted in canada


Some cool facts about How I Met Your Mother

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Makes me love 'How I Met Your Mother' even more!


Bohemian Rhapsody is not good?

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Internet win

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Laughed Wayyy

Way to get the fandoms roiling, Loki.

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Donkey Donkey

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Laugh Hysterically


I'm dying.


Sean Bean

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Super glue // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - #lol #humor #funnypictures

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dane cook funny jokes


It’s easier to say you’re antisocial…

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ALL the fandoms with ALL the feels.