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The video is on YouTube, but it means more when written in words! Thanks Wil Wheaton.

so many fandoms... but I am wondering why HP and PJO didn't jump in... you guys are missing your chance!

Wow, I just made a piece of junk out of smaller pieces of junk!

"wow we have lost it" <-- don't worry WE WILL BE FINE. *lies* Don't get on tumblr unless you want your post to be spoiled by the fandoms.

"BOING!". Just realized we don't have a single one of these in our house. Oh, what my children are missing out on! Lol

Cracking up at Strutting Leo in the background // The Great Fandom Race! In all honesty though, I run like a fake drunk Sherlock

Maleigh Hightshoe Hightshoe Watson: I think we have found Ben's new DJ name for the school dances.

Somewhere out in the world there is a teacher who is in the fandom part of Tumblr during class.

I've seen this a bunch of times, but I decided to pin it because it's just so goofy

Netflix Customer Service WIN. Netflix confirmed that this Star Trek laden online customer service chat really did happen. More Awesomeness!

There’s something about grammar…

awesome. People who haven't watched supernatural must be REALLY confused with Sam's.