Mobians love swing. In my head, when Dr. Nikolos (Robotnik to be) came through the dimensions, a crack remained. When Dr. Nikolos rigged a radio system, he and other Mobians could hear radio programs from earth. Before long, with the rise of New Mobius (Robotropolis to-be) under Dr. Nikolos, Mobians tuned in to their radios every night to get news from earth and listen (and dance) to the new music.

Rita Hayworth & Fred Astaire Gone #dancing! #music #fun #leisure #sport

Dance little a princess!


just dance

.I need you I know I should call, but I need to hold you To feel your electricity, a lightning bolt from heaven I need to kiss you, lips dancing the dirty dance, our bodies melting into one Damn I need you


Swing Kids. dance

Martha Graham: Great dancers are not great because of their technique; they are great because of their passion.

Ginger Rogers Fred Astaire: She did everything he did, only backwards in high heels!!!

On another board, I found this same picture in black-and-white, which really made it look like something from the 1940s. But someone identified this as Katy Perry dancing in her "Thinking of You" video. Now I see it.

Swing dancers, c. 1950s

The dancers Berinoff and Angelina,1920's.

Keone & Mari :: "Happy" by C2C (Choreography) :: Urban Dance Camp

Dancers, 1942.


Swing c. 1950's ...what a shot :) This is why they didn't have aerobics in the 50s!

You know you're a dancer when...

Lai Rupe's Choreography has an incredible lyrical routine planned. . . Hire her today for more details.

just dance