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Note the white of the eye.at our house we call those "crazy-eyes", usually…

12 for the kids/maybe in an ice cream cone?

'pupcakes' instead of cupcakes, it just made me laugh! Brittany used to call cupcakes pupcakes!

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Ever imagined what Harry Potter would've looked like if he was a dog? Now you don't have to. Bodie's next halloween costume!


black chocolate and yellow lab puppies, so sweet and the best thing is they are all labs!

3. Poodle | Su origen es alemán, donde se le conocía como Pudelhund (de ahí el…

*Baby Charlie* My poodle looked exactly like this when I first got him in He's now 13 years strong and still fluffy. Poodles are a great breed to look into. They are top 4 smartest dog breeds in the world, and very friendly!