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Amelia Pond's afterward

The Doctor and Amelia Pond

Amelia Pond

The Girl Who Waited Tee (we are all Amelia Pond!)


This is the story of Amelia Pond and this is how it ends


Amy Rory

Doctor Who Amy 11 I will survive

This makes me laugh every time.

Amelia Pond: The Girl Who Waited, created by crazycreamsicle on Polyvore

A little collage made of Amy Pond’s intro for Doctor Who. “When I was a little girl, I had an imaginary friend. And when I grew up, he came back." 11

Like Mother, Like Daughter. *crying again*

This is so accurate

A photo of Amy from each episode, beginning to end. Sigh. I miss you, Pond.

"A Thousand Years" - the Ponds -

The Ponds rule

Mr & Mrs Pond <3 <3

So true

River Song/Melody Pond's Timeline. The only one I've seen that makes sense!

oh that's okay I didn't need my heart to be intact