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Did America Just Elect Baron Munchausen?

Media picking and choosing what they think we need to know !!!! I think this is just one of many things the media hide , they just can't do their job, report facts !!!!! Anything less than that is bias entertainment !!!!!

Cheers - we know it's all libtard whining and blaming

This money should go to our vets and first responders notillegal immigrants! Think of how much that would help offset healthcare needs in our country! We should take care of our American family first.

Donald Trump’s Win Wasn’t About Racism

Mormon Tabernacle Choir to Perform at Trump Inauguration

I love it all except the 'pig' because I consider that an insult to compare this DEMON trump to wonderful pigs! They are great animals; change the 'p' to PRICK!

Our government has been CORRUPT from the time Kennedy was SHOT......THE CIA SHOT HIM!! A weak before he died he warned us about

When someone says they are proud to be called Deplorable, that's a pretty Ratchet, Disgusting Individual. Some of Trumps Cult Voters relish being called Deplorable.....part of the reason we now have A Deplorable Human Being entering The Withe House.

Uhm, what policies? I don't remember Trump talking about policies. I remember a lot of hate filled rants. Or maybe This refers to his "secret" plan for destroying Isis? Or His threats to silence the press? Or His great idea to shut down "parts" of the Internet? I think I would be mad at anything Donald makes good on because anything he would do would be a "hyuge" disaster for America.