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  • Kristi Clemmer

    I think I love this idea for garden furniture - cheap and you could add cushions to make it more comfy but no worries about weather!

  • Noelle Lewis

    A cinder block garden bench, doesn't look very comfortable but maybe with some outdoor chair cushions? Interesting idea anyway

  • Alanna Howard Vukcevic

    Cinder block bench. Could make it in a semi-circle around the fire pit. get a bunch of outdoor cushions.

  • Renee Jewett

    DIY outdoor furniture ideas. Couch made from concrete blocks. Just add cushions!

  • nanette litherland

    I LOVE THE CREATIVE HOUSE NUMBER IDEA!!! DIY Cinder Block 'sofa': This certainly isn't for everyone, but I love how this cinderblock sofa almost takes on a kid-like quality. It's like it's built out of legos! I'd probably toss a cushion across the bench seat, but I love the plants organically growing out of the back. It can grow "into" the backyard and not be ruined in weather.

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Hydrangea and fountain grass hedge. Hostas would be lovely too

voor de voortuin Door froukjedavidse