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Intersport catalog frm Spain, if you don't get it, you don't get footie.

Above the influence ad - "What's the worst that could happen?" Very creepy, but caught my attention while I was looking through a magazine.

New York Film Academy. Want to write something good for the cinema? Ads, repinned by

Amnesty International: Stop the world record of executions

Doing ad campaigns that are different from normal photographs and type don't catch the eye and attention of the public but the fact they used text to create the blood and showing all the woman's thoughts that drove her to that sad point inspires you to always help a person in need and be there to listen if they need to talk and if you are someone who is feeling like this it can inspire you to talk to someone who is willing to listen and help you with your problems.

I like this ad because if how bit uses hyperbole to show how turning off our alarms can sometimes backfire on us, and how the alarms can really wake us up in the morning.

I have this exact picture , it was my grandma's and its really old, mo matter where you move his eyes follow you