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What Fierce Animal Are You?

Travelling to South Africa with Via Volunteers opens the door to amazing experiences. Cheetah More

Cheetah, San Diego Zoo Safari Park, Steve Tracy Photography. Awesome pose! I am in love with the cheetahs, they are such beautiful animals!

Unusual animals around the world

The King Cheetah has a recessive fur pattern mutation. First discovered in Zimbabwe in 1926, this very rare animal has been seen in the wild only 6 times. Gorgeous.

Cheetah Conservation Fund Animals are allowed to live here too. Wild cats and domestic cats are my favorite. Wolves I enjoy too. Incensewoman

Cheetahs can accelerate to freeway speeds in just a few strides. Their bodies are uniquely designed to run very fast for fairly short distances, allowing them to catch prey that other big cats can’t get.

TOP 10 Emotional photos of animals

Snow Leopards, so gorgeous, unfortunately the # of these guys left in the wild is still dwindeling.

When you think of big cats, you think of the usual suspects: lions, tigers, and cheetahs. But there are other large cats that don’t get as much attention as they should, as they’re quite beautiful creatures. And one of those cats is the caracal. Such majestic animals!

People with this power animal generally possess a good command of language, although their words can have a tendency to cut, tear and shred others apart. Learning correct communication skills is of foremost importance for these people.