Waves in 15 minutes! Section hair into 5-10 big sections then braid each in a loose braid. Run a flatiron over each braid, let them cool down, spray hairspray and undo the braids.

loose french braid

Curl With A Straightener

No heat curls- 5 Ideas on How to Achieve Heatless Curls

How to do beachy waves in less than 5 minutes: 1. Divide your hair into two parts. 2. Twist each section and tie with a hair tie. 3. Run your straighter/flat iron over both of the twist a few times. 4. Untie twists, and you're done. I need to try this.

Perfect big waves...Now how to create these



ombre curls

I NEED to learn this. Great braid for the beach

Big side sweep bang

Big braid and messy bun.

Prom Hair Style Perfection


waterfall braid

side updo, with a loose braid SO PRETTY

8 Awesome Video Tutorials on Dutch Braids ...

A bunch of tutorials on how to add volume to your hair.

I love that it has the little braids

Brown ombre hair. Gotta try this some day - curls, braid...