make your own canvas

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Paint Canvas Black..Add Vinyl Cutouts..Paint Background..Remove Vinyl Cutouts..Awesome Idea.

Easy DIY Canvas Paintings | cool projects on my to do list / Easy decortive DIY art. Paint canvas ...

diy painting canvas ideas

easy project with scrapbook paper

So cute! Fabric birds glued on painted old scraps of wood! Love it! I would like to try this with butterflies or Dragonflies in different colors. More purples and shiny.

cute canvas.

Creating While Waiting: What to do With a Blank Canvas

Using pallets as an art canvas


DIY Canvas Art! It would be even cooler to use several different colors of paint.

love it on black canvas!

DIY Canvas

DIY canvas art. | DIY awesomeness

DIY canvas painting of tree

DIY Canvas Wall Art Ideas | Canvas ideas 2

mod modged canvass

Dandelions. DIY Canvas Painting. So pretty! I've done this one! Super easy and turns out beautiful!

DIY chevron canvas art