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My favorite grover book to date.

My fav book as a kid. still have my copy for B and recently purchased "another monster at the end of this book" that has Elmo as well. The Monster at the End of this Book by Jon Stone, Michael Smollin

Oh I remember!!!   Jessica and Elizabeth, you were the girls every 11 year old wanted to be back in 1987

The Sweet Valley Twins books. I especially like the Sweet Valley High. How could that Jessica be such a biatch?

Another absolute favorite!  This book was falling apart I had read it so many times!

I orderd this book in the mail from the Weekly Reader book club. I remember reading it in my tree house. :) Another absolute favorite! This book was falling apart I had read it so many times!

.Supermarket Sweep - just one of the coolest game shows ever! I wanted to be on this and Shop Till You Drop soooooo bad

Super Market Sweep, another great game show that I wanted to be on!

The Hunger Games, Book 1 of the Hunger Games Series By Suzanne Collins #books #movies #yalit

The Hunger Games - Suzanne Collins.Yes, I obsess over this book.yes, I now relate certain things that happen to me in real like to The Hunger Games.

this was always one of my favorites

Milton Bradley The Original Memory my kids played this game all the time

Tupperware pitchers in those 70's colors

Tupperware Pitcher - not only does it make me want kool aid.I still have the kid sized tupperware tea set, now it lives in my boys play kitchen :)

Wonder Woman Underroos, I loved these!

Wonder Woman Underoos-Underwear that's Fun to Wear!I had a pair (and tried to wear them for Halloween one year w/ red Cowboy boots)

Hated these things!

Twin Bead Ponytail Holders - wore these in my long hair through third grade