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    DAILY DOSE OF BIRTHCONTROL! Children gone wild – 20 pictures which will make you laugh! | Vivas

    the end is the funniest part XD


    Nice day for a bike ride..oh..- they should leave it as a warning for the other dumb people


    The thing is my brother has the same exact unicycle and unitard. Suspicious.

    What a fun Dad! I love these photos!!! I want to go hang out with him too : )

    Throwing gang signs while walking your bunny. Thug life.

    Lego minefield? Well played

    Too funny Hahaha

    Why cats hate kids

    That's awesome

    Let's go over this again, LEGGING ARE NOT PANTS! HAHAHAHA

    Because everyone needs a little Carlton in their life, haha!

    A great idea

    I'm sorry, but this is hilarious.

    Wakey Wakey!

    hate when that happens