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    omg i thought that was just a joke!

    People also love

    Can we just acknowledge the fact she has her mom in her contacts list as "birth giver"? << that is exactly the first thing i noticed!! XD

    Phantom of the Opera jokes

    Everyone in my English class that gave a crap about Les Mis liked Russell Crowe

    I get so excited. I love reading stuff like that and going, "Ah, a sarcastic one... good, I like this guy... This is going to be good."<I'm glad I'm not the only one who does this sort of thing

    Oh, Marius.

    Theatre jokes


    [ theatre kid problems ]

    Javert, Master of Disguise.

    amanda seyfried Hugh Jackman les mis les miserables Eddie Redmayne cosette jean valjean Marius lesmiserablescaps les mis captions per suggestion

    Last time i watched it, i had to pause and laugh for a few minutes... much to my sisters amusement

    Fronkensteen Lounge: Theatre Humor! My Best Theatre Jokes


    The first thing Snape asks Harry is “Potter! What would I get if I added powdered root of asphodel to an infusion of wormwood?” According to Victorian Flower Language, asphodel is a type of lily meaning ‘My regrets follow you to the grave’ and wormwood means ‘absence’ and also typically symbolized bitter sorrow. If you combined that, it meant ‘I bitterly regret Lily’s death’. MIND BLOWN

    Those freaking low notes!!


    'If you don't know why the the number 24601 is important, then we cannot be friends.' Said All Les Miserables fans.