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    omg i thought that was just a joke!

    i don't like this story at all. Les Mis

    Last time i watched it, i had to pause and laugh for a few minutes... much to my sisters amusement

    Two wonderful Tumblr posts XD

    Disney+Les Mis

    Enjolras speaks Whale.

    Fra was supposed to run back with Gavroche, but tripped on a stone and sent Daniel flying. He managed to get his hand under Daniel's head before he hit the ground, but Daniel cried his eyes out anyway, and Fra thought "Oh my god I've killed Gavroche!" <- That would've been tragic and ironic #LesMis cast #BehindTheScenes #Gavroche

    Did you know that in this scene Marius is looking to the side because can hear his dead friends singing in heaven aka he can hear the people sing? Yeah ouch. Or bcs he'd be one of them if it weren't for valjean.

    Javert, Master of Disguise.

    Phantom of the Opera jokes


    Ouch again.

    That one brief, shining moment Javert thought he had a friend, a justice friend. We'll hunt people down, it'll be great. We'll have matching outfits.

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    'If you don't know why the the number 24601 is important, then we cannot be friends.' Said All Les Miserables fans.

    true story

    Actually, I don't think Javert can read period. He hates books. I dunno if the Brick ever addressed this.

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