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This is exactly what I thought about. He was just like: You don't know me. So just show me where you live.

Renaming les mis songs... PERFECT OMG these are better than the actual song titles. "No one cares you stole bread Valjean"

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26 Jokes Only Theatre Nerds Will Understand

"The eternal struggle. | 26 Jokes Only Theatre Nerds Will Understand" Gotta get my lesbian points!

It wasn't photoshop! This pic is apparently actually from a Vogue spread. HOW HAVE I NOT SEEN IT BEFORE. << IT IS BEAUTIFUL

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22 Problems Only Altos Will Understand

And on the off chance you do get to play a love interest, you’re definitely not going to get the guy. | 22 Problems Only Altos Will Understand

Nooooo Russell crowd is my favourite javert and javert is my favourite character. He's able to preserve the unwavering and lawful aura of javert while displaying that he does still have a weak side. This makes the character so much deeper and his suicide so much more than just the death of the "villain"