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Fun Easter Activities and Games for Kids

Easter Bunny Ball Toss Activity. Use a huge carton box and make it into the Easter bunny shape. Leave a big fan shaped hole and glue its tongue from red painted cardboard. Stand five feet from the Easter Bunny carton and throw colorful balls toward it. Count how many balls you can throw in.

Creative Easter Party Ideas

Bunny Bean Bag Toss Game. Create cardboard box bunny with big pink pom pom nose, googly eyes and large paper ears. The bean bags are also made like Easter eggs. It's a great idea for an activity in your Easter party.

Easter Carrot Cheese Ball

Need a fun treat to bring to an Easter party? Take this carrot-shaped cheese ball! It's sure to win the vote for cutest and tastiest snack!

Backyard Carnival Games for Kids: Sticky Tic Tac Toe

BIG List of Fun Easter Crafts! ~ from ~ it's time for some crafty Easter inspiration! #craft #thefrugalgirls