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Brooch | Alexander Calder.  Silver, glass, galvanised iron wire and steel wire.  ca. 1955 || Sold for 125,000$ (Nov '13)

Alexander Calder brooch - silver, glass, galvanized iron wire and steel wire - x 4 x - ca.

Brooch, silver wire, Alexander Calder, Photo Calder Foundation New York

Silver wire, glass, and steel wire. Photo Credit: Calder Foundation, New York / Art Resource, NY.

Calder jewelry

Alexander Calder’s Jewelry

alexander calder brooches - i like the way these have a skeletal look - like the artifacts georgia o'keeffe collected - she was often seen wearing calder jewelry brooch here brooch, silver, 1942 here georgia okeeffe wearing a calder brooch - here Brooch

Cuff |  David Jones.  Copper and Sterling silver {Alexander Calder inspired piece}

Some Alexander Calder (SANDY) inspired jewelry. I have been on a forging and riveting kick lately - and Calder is the MAN.

Brooch | Alexander Calder. Silver wire, aquamarine, and steel wire. ca. 1948. || Photo Credit: Calder Foundation, New York

ca 1948 Alexander Calder brooch of silver wire, aquamarine, and steel wire. Photo Credit: Calder Foundation, New York.

c a l d e r f o r m s

Alexander Calder's jewelry appears to be heavily influenced by Indonesian and Chinese indigenous peoples adornment pieces.

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Alexander Calder, jewelry ~ Calder created a special pin/brooch for Georgia O'Keefe. It was one of the only pieces of jewelry she ever wore.