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More Than Thirty Unreported Sources Of Toxic Air Discovered From Space | IFLScience

16 Of The Most Stunning Trees In The World

Dragonblood Trees, Yemen.... I know these aren't pruned, but it looks as if someone prunes these beauties.

Life as a Nonviolent Psychopath

Discover your dosha: In #Ayurveda, your physical, mental and emotional characteristics clue you in to your dosha—one of the three energies that govern everyone and everything: vata (air), pitta (fire) and kapha (earth). Each of us is predominantly one “type.”

Turning Lymph Nodes Into Liver-Growing Factories discovered how to turn any one of the body’s 500 lymph nodes—the small, oval-shaped organs where immune cells gather to fight invading pathogens—into an incubator that can grow an entirely new liver.

Free Lapbook templates that you can type on and personalize to your students topic (over 100 pages). This is fantastic!

"This grave marker was discovered by US troops on Kiska Island (Aleutians) in a small graveyard in August 1943. The marker was made and placed by Japanese soldiers, after they had buried an American pilot who had crashed on the island. The marker reads: "Sleeping here, a brave air-hero who lost youth and happiness for his Mother land. July 25 - Nippon Army". A small gesture of humanity amid the Apocalypse."