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    Tell us which two signs are perfect for each other and why? Email your answer to mailto:contests@a... with "Astro Summer Contest" as the subject. The best answers will get featured on this space and will also win exciting prizes!

    Learn facts about gold in this education infographic

    Find out based on your zodiac sign what you need to do to have a good relationship with your partner! Is something missing? Which areas of your relationship do you need to work on? Experience change in the right direction by working on yourself first.

    Is she into me? Does she even like me? These thoughts plague your mind but it’s hard to tell with women and their ever-changing minds. Some are easy to read while some zodiac signs are as uncommunicative as they get. Some promise love of a lifetime and some others are easygoing and fun to be with. What’s your girl like? And how long does your long term look like? Read on to find out what the signs reveal.

    What can you do to cosmically enhance the energy around your personal space?

    The fifth astrological sign of the #zodiac, #Leo (July 23 - August 22) natives are the most dynamic of them all. Love them or hate them but you can never ignore them.

    Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac and is represented by the bull. People born between April 21 and May 21 belong to this sign It's not that big a challenge to correctly recognize a Taurus. All that you need to know is here. Read on.

    Cancer is the fourth sun sign in the zodiac and those born on these dates (June 22-July 22) belong to this water sign. Ruled by the Moon, Cancer is all about emotions.

    Linda Goodman talks about the unfortunate combination of 4 and 8 birth numbers in her widely acclaimed book 'Star Signs' and talks in detail about karmic debt. A person born on these dates (4th, 13th, 22nd, and 31st) and whose birth number adds up to 4 is said to be born with heavy karmic debts to be paid in the current incarnation.

    Zodiac signs are split into 4 elements-Earth, Water, Air and Fire. All these four elements have certain special characteristics and blessed with some specific set of skills which differentiate them from each other.

    Magento development than other shopping cart development services. The sole reason is that web applications built using this stage is highly scalable and flexible. Let's have a look at some of the other features of it that make the platform so different from the rest online shopping cart development software.

    Aah! Something good is just good. You are roaming here and there in the street an suddenly feel that the people around you are just doing good in style.

    School’s letting out for the summer soon, which means you need a plan to keep the kids busy during their summer vacation. To avoid the dreaded, “I’m bored,” create a summer bucket list with all the things you and your kids want to do.

    Best movies of 2012

    The Magento ecommerce software helps you control your website completely without the need for you to put in extra effort.

    A recent study looked at 4 different pillars derived from 88 different indicators to help determine which African countries are succeeding and which ones are still struggling.

    So, we are here again with some nice dollops of gossip and news from the B-town. And this time we are covering this intriguing story of all the fresh pairings of the year 2013. Some of them are expected as they had to work someday or the other but some other pairings are a bit experimental

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    24 Blogs Sharing Refreshing Cold Coffee Recipes to Enjoy this Summer

    Myths about Different Sun Signs Are Capricorns really that dull and boring? Are Arians always the irritating loud mouths? All twelve signs of the zodiac have their share of myths. Here’s debunking some common misconceptions about the different sun signs.

    Decorating With Colors - Color Combinations - Each color palette has endless possibilities, be it bold color for small accent or a neutral tone it just adds to the look instantly. Using colors is the fastest way to jump-start any makeover, use colors which suits your personality and lifestyle.