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This candle radiates smell of freshly cut grass, just like you find at the golf course.

Stainless Steel and Leather Camping Flask Set

One of my favorite discoveries at Stainless Steel and Leather Camping Flask Set

'Patriots' Pilsner' Man Cave Candle

Take a look at this Patriots Pilsner Man Cave Candle by Castine Candle Company on #zulily today!

Fisherman Stout - How do they make it so bubbly like real soda, or beer from a tap? They hired a chemist to help them find the answer. The frothy top is a great touch too.

Making a candle "for men" doesn't mean it has to be ugly. There are a ton of male friendly holders, such as this cast iron spiral. Cast iron is a wonderful thing because it can be seen as girly and delicate by the ladies, but it's made of cast iron so there is no doubt to it's manliness. It's the perfect compromise between the sexes.

For real? A tobacco scented candle?! This is the essence of what a man cave is supposed to smell like. It might not cover up the smell or your cigar smoke but it will make you feel at home and relaxed when you're not allowed to smoke.

These one has a fresh twist with the look of a tall glass of beer from the tap. Put any of them in the man cave and no one will even know you have a candle in there. They will notice the room smells awesome though.

Ever seen a candle come out of a beer tap? Me neither. These don't actually come from a tap either. They are hand poured in the family owned warehouse in central Maine. Not only are they made in Maine but all of their materials are sourced from the United States. Most "Made in the USA" products are just assembled here but that is not the case with these truly American made items.