Can you name them all? Lesseee.... 1.Count Chocula, 2.Count Orlock, 3.Lily Munster, 4.LeStat, 5. ?, 6.Dracula, 7.Not sure, 8.The Muppet Count, 9.One of the Lost Boys, 10. no idea, 11.Blade, 12. Edward. - Anyone else can do better than me, so feel free to try.

know your vampires :) Supernatural vampires will savage your neck. Interview with a Vampire is a classic sexy, gentleman's vampire. If you want to talk with a lisp throw in True Blood's fangs.

I can't stop laughing at the last two panels! I'm going to hide in the fridge one day to scare the living daylights out of my husband.

Forgive that this is long...but it's awesome.

I might have already pinned this...

Can you guess them all?

Omg awesome!

How long would you survive in a horror movie ?

Love both!

You people better pin this.

He was a dreamer, a thinker, a speculative philosopher ..... Or as R2D2 would have put it, an idiot. - Douglas Adams

Grumpy Cat Joins the Dark Side

The Winchester! I know per Mark Shepperd this is a cross over (& not allowed) but, I don't care.

And then Buffy staked Edward

I'm Batman

i need this

Kermit anatomy