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Container homes - floor plans - LOT-EK announced their Container Home Kit, a prefab, do-it-yourself assembly unit that "combines multiple shipping containers to build modern, intelligent and affordable homes. 40-foot-long shipping containers are joined and stacked to create configurations that vary in size approximately from 1,000 to 3,000 square feet." Watch the video at link.

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Shipping container home

Shipping container home

Shipping Container Home

Shipping Container House

Shipping Container Homes

Unique house – container house ideas

This quick deploy bridge was designed to fit perfectly with any of our Shipping Containers. Walls provide cover along the way so you can build that container ci

Shipping containers

shipping container house

Shipping Container Homes

Container house

Ecopods claim to not only be thinking outside the box; they’re re-inventing the box. These small, eco-friendly structures are designed to be used as add-ons or temporary use buildings, such as guest bedrooms or home offices. But it’s easy to imagine using it as a primary residence, as long as you don’t mind living in [...]

shipping container

shipping container home

shipping containers

Shipping container home

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