"Sherlock blanket quote typography"

About this T-Shirt “I’m in shock, look, I ’ve got a blanket!” quote typography from BBC Sherlock. BBC Sherlock © BBC, Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss.

2-Sided Sherlock Inspired Bracelet - I've Got a Blanket - Hand Stamped Aluminum Cuff - customizable. $14.50, via Etsy.

Look, I've Got a Blanket - Hand Stamped Cuff in Aluminum, Golden Brass or Sterling Silver - customizable - Gifts Under 20

Look, I've Got a Blanket - Hand Stamped Aluminum Cuff - customizable - Gifts Under 20

But Bennnnnn.... Math isn't as pretty as you!< THIS...I need this as a background I must say.

Ben telling me to do my homework. [Ugh, only if you reward me with cuddles, darling.

This is absolutely beautiful and just wonderful. Truly awesome. Whoever wrote this needs to seriously consider becoming an author.

Yes, I know this is long. But its an awesome fanfic of the Sherlock characters as professors at Hogwarts!<-----omgomgomg I thought he was on the Hogwarts train before I even clicked on it! I LOVE this.

Sherlock. Love this show

The sad thing is, it sounds like something he'd actually say. Don't worry Molly, Sherlock can handle making more cadavers in his own. I love this show can't wait for

welcome to the sherlock fandom, i'm steven moffat and i will be your host for this emotional roller coaster. please pick up your straightjacket uniform and enjoy your stay.

welcome to the Sherlock Fandom, I'm Steven Moffat and I will be your host for this emotional roller coaster. Please pick up your straight-jacket uniform and enjoy your stay.

"A bloody head!" "Well where else was I supposed to put it?" I love Sherlock!!!

To any one who isn't in the Sherlock fandoms this will make on sense at all, to every one else its a funny bit of everyday Sherlock XD

Repin if you see your fandom I see 2----> 2 your not in enough fandoms man ----> I am in 5>>> Four is fine w/ me. HG, HP, DW, and Sherlock, which doesn't have an acronym. -----> You guys are cute. I'm in 8 of them<---- nice try.... I'm in 15. << I'm in 7<<12 b*tches

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