Looks like my bentley when he was a baby!! by Gordon Chalmers

That face!

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Sleeping bulldog

I said wake me up at 9....not at 8.59 GRRRR

French Bulldog ready for Autumn! Me too, Buddy! Lol..DanaMichele ❤: Animals, French Bulldogs, Pet, Funny, Frenchbulldog, Bitch, Puppy, Things, Leaves

Spoodle <3 as if its not the cutest thing! Spoodle, Cockerpoo, Cockapoo, MyOodle, My Oodle, Oodle, Doodle, Dog, Poodle, Poodle Mix, Poodle Hybrid pinned by Puppies, Animals, Dogs, So Cute, Pet, Puppys, Box, Goldendoodle, Golden Doodles

german shepherd

adorable sleeping boston terrier

Boston Terrier Puppy if and when we ever get a dog again it will look like this. I had one just like it as my first dog. She was a retired show dog and the best friend ever.

So sweet!

Boxer pup!

Boston Terrier

Doesnt matter how much cats grow on me I will always be a dog lady

Boston Terrier Puppies


boston terrier love.. Oooo Rocko:(

I want the puppy and the red sweater. Boston Terriers look great in red.