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MURDERVILLE Comic Book #1: A Farewell to Armories by Carol Lay — Marta Hardy, antiques weapons dealer, has opened an arms boutique in Muderville, ME, also known as “Murderville” because of its sketchy reputation. The Mayor and First Lady of Muderville, Leo and Antonia Scazzo, are all that stand between the alluring Hardy and her deadly plans for the island village.

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Arc Angel Seeks Dealers, Ecommerce Sites, Franchises, Resellers, and Manufacturer’s Representatives to Pre-Sell Stun Canes, Pet Defenders and Tactical Stun Devices (TSD)

Arc Angel Stun Canes, Stun Sticks and Tactical Stun Guns offer a Non-Lethal Self Defense Weapon for Consumers and Law Enforcement Agencies

[Blogpost: 5 Ways to Optimize Your Crowdfunding Campaign] "Think of it this way: You’re not just selling a book; you’re building a personal brand. Care what people think of you." Keep reading:

SALT gun round-Its gun-like nature create some legal hurdles for potential SALT buyers in a few places in the United States. In the District of Columbia, it has to be registered after purchase. Shipping restrictions make it hard to get SALT to Hawaii. In Massachusetts and New York, people wanting to buy it would have to go through a licensed dealer, of which there are none yet but could be in the future. California law, likely the section prohibiting civilian use of tear gas weapons.

Is Yahoo about to make another big buy? Analyst cites chatter on Snapchat, Pinterest, BuzzFeed - The Tell - MarketWatch


Battersby duo - a bakers dozen

Battersby Duo - A Bakers Dozen, Blue