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    MURDERVILLE Comic Book #1: A Farewell to Armories by Carol Lay — Marta Hardy, antiques weapons dealer, has opened an arms boutique in Muderville, ME, also known as “Murderville” because of its sketchy reputation. The Mayor and First Lady of Muderville, Leo and Antonia Scazzo, are all that stand between the alluring Hardy and her deadly plans for the island village.

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"Everything you thought you knew about Art is a lie, but don't worry, the guide to true understanding of art is at hand. Carol Wood and Susan Butcher have spent the past nine years digging for the truth in all manner of cemeteries, crypts, tombs, archives, applying only the most relevant forensic techniques: alchemy, reading animal intestines, tea-leaf dialectics, coffee ground metaphysics, watching cartoons, reading comics and saturnalia."

The Secret Loves of Geek Girls - An all-female comic/text anthology of true stories about love, romance, and sex! Featuring new cartoons by Margaret Atwood

My So-Called Secret Identity Volume 2 - MSCSI Volume 2 is planned as a 120-page graphic novel, with fully coloured art by Jennie Gyllblad. As before, it will come in two gorgeous editions: the standard, containing the complete story, and the extended version, which features a portfolio of guest art by a range of contributors, from legendary creators to new stars.

Riven Seal : Volume 1 by Julie Wright and Amanda Gomes — Riven Seal is a historical fantasy set in a world where magic has always existed and onset of demon summoning has brought upon major changes throughout the world. While the story interweaves several plot lines and a diverse cast, a young man named Janus lies at the center of web of fate that connects them all. His encounter with a unbound demon is the catalyst for a series of intrigues and magic that has not been seen in centuries.

Introducing The Black Superheroes presents and commemorates 10 black superheroes as derived from the folklore of American Ex-slaves. This work was derived from Library of Congress American Ex-slaves archives gathered by the Federal Writer’s Project during the 1930’s, and Palmetto Country by Stetson Kennedy.

Dirty Diamonds #6: Beauty - An all-girl comic anthology celebrating, examining, challenging, and embracing the true meaning of beauty.

Produced by AH Comics Inc. and edited by Hope Nicholson, MOONSHOT brings together dozens of creators from across North America to contribute comic book stories showcasing the rich heritage and identity of First Nations, Inuit, and Metis storytelling. From traditional stories to exciting new visions of the future…MOONSHOT will be an incredible collection that will amaze, intrigue and entertain!…Including: Haiwei Hou, Elizabeth LaPensee, and Buffy Sainte-Marie

Kickstart This! - Chess: Volume 2 - A young girl gets transported to a world filled with magic and conflict after receiving a mystical tome. How will she ever get home?…The story of Chess was created by the imaginative mind of 7 year old, Symana. The story revolves around a young girl named Elise who gets transported into the magical world of Newland. Completely out of her depths in a world surrounded with action and adventure she has to figure out how to return home in one piece if she can.

Last year writer/artist Jane Irwin executed a successful Kickstarter for Clockwork Game: The Illustrious Career of a Chess-Playing Automaton, a historical fiction graphic novel. I was curious to learn about her experience in getting the project successfully funded, and she was kind enough to answer my questions in this brief interview.

Clydene Nee has been [Artist Alley Coordinator] at San Diego Comic Comic Con International since 1989…She's given of herself often times thanklessly for the artists…Clydene [recently fell] into Kidney Failure…she placed herself on the kidney transplant list. Unfortunately her insurance deems kidney transplants as elective surgery…I wanted to reach out to all the artists and fans who have been helped by Clydene and ask for any amount of help you could give in her time of need.

The play "Lasso of Truth" centers on a modern young woman searching for the original copy of Wonder Woman’s first appearance in print in an attempt to reconcile her childhood worship of Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman with the strange and complicated history of the character’s inception...show[ing] how this symbol of female strength and beauty was born and how she continues to inspire men and women today.

Hey, Let's All Send Heidi MacDonald A Few Bucks In Tips For Computer Repairs - Heidi MacDonald of comicsbeat.com, its author, is suffering from missing computer syndrome. Heidi's computer is only broken rather than dead forever, but broken isn't a good thing when you blog for part of your living...I'd like to ask you to consider maybe going to her site, hitting her tip button and throwing a couple of dollars in tip money her way...It is on the far side and says "donate."

We hear a lot of horror stories about Kickstarter projects gone wrong, whether it’s because printing took longer than anticipated, postage rates shot up or the creators seemingly disappeared for long stretches of time with no updates. On the other hand, there’s Rocket Girl...Brandon [Montclare] and Amy [Reeder]...detailed the process they went through fulfilling all the rewards they offered on Kickstarter...[which] might help someone else looking to use Kickstarter...

Kitty & Batz [by Kristi Zerga and Dianna Spain] is a dark comedy that follows two teenage sociopathic murderers on their numerous catnip and coffee induced adventures. The series is made up of mini stories, some of which tie together to eventually lead into a main plot, but most of which are random as hell, having nothing to do with anything! “KITTY & BATZ” pokes fun at everything and everyone, from pop culture and religion to the annoying preppy girl in class that you want to hit in the face...

The famous Zeppelin Von Schultheiss is tired of living in the shadow of her father. So what if he was a war hero… there’ll be other wars! And who cares if everyone loves him? Love is for people without true ambition! And it’s not like it’s a big deal that he could fly. I mean… well okay, that was kind of a big deal. But Zeppelin can fly too! And unlike her beloved war hero father, she isn’t dead.

Save Neil the Horse! Neil and his friends Soapy and Mam’selle Poupée are an always-struggling songand-dance act. To gain success, they will go anywhere, do anything, and put up with anything — like a trip to Hell, or captivity inside a video game, or a gang of slap-happy aliens in a stunt-driving saucer. Oh, and a drunken and disorderly back-up band of cats....Hermes Press wants to print Neil the Horse, but to do that we need your help!

Rediscovering Kate Carew - A one hour historical documentary and multi-platform trans media project on Mary Williams (1869-1961), known by her pseudonym as Kate Carew.

The Ladydrawers documentary Comics Undressed is an ambitious project with the primary aim of addressing media justice in comics and popular culture. We intend to portray the underlying forms of discrimination that impact representations of women, queers, trans folk, non-binary gender people, and people of color....Our goal is to present a sincere heartfelt documentary that captures our love for comics while critiquing the structure of the comics industry.

VACANT is a science fiction web comic following Commander Hayze, an agent of "The Eye" a powerful alien government/ corporate agency. Sent on a seemingly simple rescue mission, Hayze stumbles upon a possible explanation for the near extermination of the human race that had taken place over 100 years prior. His only lead is a virus and, along with his crew, Hayze tries to find the cure.

Galaxion is a multi-part science fiction graphic novel.... tells the story of the crew of the starship Galaxion, who are testing a new jump engine. They make the jump, but don’t end up where they expect. The story has adventure, humour, romance and mystery. It appeals to readers of all ages and fans of ensemble cast science fiction shows like Star Trek (although those who watched Star Blazers may notice some influence, too).

MURDERVILLE Comic Book #1: A Farewell to Armories by Carol Lay — Marta Hardy, antiques weapons dealer, has opened an arms boutique in Muderville, ME, also known as “Murderville” because of its sketchy reputation. The Mayor and First Lady of Muderville, Leo and Antonia Scazzo, are all that stand between the alluring Hardy and her deadly plans for the island village.

After teasing fans for a few months, Amy Reeder and Brand Montclare’s Rocket Girl is go for launch...a “teenage cop from a high-tech future” who’s sent back to 1986...“As she pieces together the clues, she discovers that the ‘future’ — an alternate reality version of 2013 and the place she calls home — shouldn’t exist at all”...I spoke with Montclare and Reeder about Rocket Girl, using Kickstarter to finance their creator-owned works and much more.

Honeydew and Magic follows the story of a girl named Sprout - She doesn't know too much about her past, though one thing she does know is that she was human until a tree spirit named Treesun came along, who lives in her head. You'll get to meet Terra and Goji, two other folks she lives with and see their adventures in the strange world they inhabit. Oh, I should also mention that they live in a magic shop selling all kinds of different magic teas. Some of which are explosive.

Comics With A Cause: Speaking Up On Violence Against Women! It's time to end violence against women! So we're using the power of comics and storytelling to spread awareness of sexual assault and violence in society. We're a small team of illustrators, writers, filmmakers, new media creators and activists from Vancouver hoping to launch BRANDED, a comics series with a cause!