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Have you ever noticed how some people will always want you to be on "their" team but they are NEVER on "YOURS?" Hmmmm.... Things to pay attention to in 2015 for optimal succe$$ and less stress. On another note: Small minds are like small towns. Big egos; little to do; hidden truths; big lies; and most people who are going somewhere just actually drive right past them. ‪#‎DaOracleSpeaks‬

#HumorIsHealing #FreeKanye #KanyeWest #Gurus What's Wrong with Kanye West?

Why this shit don't phase me! Nothing new under the sun...and THIS shit's been done before. WE just called him "Reagan." #WhateverYo #WeSurvivedThatToo *drops mic and says "live your life." (*_*)

The easiest & hardest thing about that it IS what it requires: CHANGE. Are your pockets and minds full of dustballs and stagnation...or are you filling it up with CHANGE?! The proof is in the walk...not the talk. #DaOracleSpeaks