Mini-bonsai (shohin-bonsai or mame-bonsai) Guide by Kyosuke Gun and Sachiko - Gardening For Today

The Green Mound Juniper Bonsai Tree from Nursery Tree Wholesalers is by far the most popular bonsai in the United States. When most people think of a “bonsai tree”, a picture of this beautiful bonsai

Green Mound Juniper Bonsai Trees

The Chinese Elm Bonsai Tree from Nursery Tree Wholesalers is one of our most popular bonsai trees and is always a perfect addition of style and grace to any coffee table. Distinguished for its unique

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omgplants: Ficus carica I’ve never seen a common fig bonsai! That’s a great idea.

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Berries on a Crabapple bonsai tree, very small size (called Shohin) by Katsumi Komiya

Berries on a Crabapple Bonsai tree, very small size (called Shohin). By: Katsumi Komiya

"Baby" Bonsai 53 ~ 盆栽:紀州萩とかが咲く|春嘉の盆栽工房

"Baby" Bonsai 53 ~ 盆栽:紀州萩とかが咲く|春嘉の盆栽工房