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    Stormtroopers life

    Grammar matters.


    Vader’s Little Princess

    Don't even repin if you don't get it.

    Leia probably doesn't have the force anywhere near as strong as Luke does. But in fairness, George Lucas also did not know at this point that Leia and Luke were siblings. He made that up later on. He did a lot of that in these movies, making it up as he went.

    A great spin on the most famous line from Star Wars makes an excellent marketing slogan.

    Darth Vader and Maleficent - I don't care how over done it is. I love the Disney/Star Wars jokes!

    Star Wars lol

    Oh noes

    I know that feelING, bro.

    Well played, whoever made this. Well played.

    Star Wars + Big Bang = BAZINGA!!!

    sith lords

    Princess Bride, Star Wars crossover. Not a fan of the latter but this was just too funny.

    darth vader love humor

    Lego Star Wars… #lego #deathstar #alderaan #starwars

    Superheroes, Villains, And Star Wars Characters Appear On These Awesome Vintage Dictionary Prints This.

    Love Daryl. Love Walking Dead. Love Star Wars. Not too sure Boba Fett is my favorite character...