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A New Devotion on Cove's Prayer Line - It’s Not About Us

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Keep your distance but don't make it LOOK like you're keeping your distance...

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Keep Calm and Love your Life. Soon I will Love my Successful New Life to Share with the one who is Calm in Sharing a New Life...

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keep calm and road trip / created with Keep Calm and Carry On for iOS #keepcalm #roadtrip

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I made this as a present for our Sensei. I like these "keep calm" posters.

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Keep Calm and Show Your Work - NEW Classroom Math Poster

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my new mantra - Keep Calm Stay Positive

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24-11-2013.. I would like to thank everyone very much for the wonderful pictures. Very cozy and nice to be able to do this together. It makes me very happy. A beautiful new week desirable for everyone. Love and light is what I wish <3 <3 <3

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Keep Calm and do your Personal Progress poster. I made this up for our New Beginnings Night. Each girl got a laminated copy to go in their take home gift bags :) ~teaganmarie

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KEEP CALM AND GO TO PARIS created by eleni____ Join me on my KEEP CALM GROUP BOARD

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HEY GUYS PLS FOLLOW ME KELLY M.C, AND I WILL FOLLOW U BACK THX!!!!!!! ALSO FOLLOW SABRINA CARPENTER TOO!!! Her official account is Sabrina Carpenter✔️. Sabrina Carpenter is so amazing and shines bright as a role Model for all of us. she is so beautiful and talented and let no one tell her otherwise!!! WE ALL LUV YOU AND SUPPORT YOU SABRINA!!!!!!!!! And guys if you haven't seen Sabrina Carpenters new song 'On Purpose' pls go see it!!! It is so awesome just like all of her songs!!

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Keep calm.

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Her Own College Fairytale: Good Morning

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TO DIY BOARDS' CONTRIBUTOR'S: WELCOME NEW MEMBERS! THANK YOU ALL for pinning here, we have a SUCH A FANTASTIC GROUP of talented DIYer's and Pinners! Please keep pin count to "10" at a time, or in a row, although no 24 hour limits on pinning. Use good pin etiquette & make sure pins link to a valid website. (NO Tumblr or search pins!) PLEASE LIMIT FOOD/RECIPE PINS TO "3" AT A TIME.

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New Beds

Busy day got our new bed went and bought new sheets and some nee clothes seen as im losing all this weight cleaned up the house fed wyatt hes sleeping now so im gonna sit on our balcony and listen to the wind its so peaceful ❤