Silk Ribbon embroidery - cute!

I'm inspired to try these violets on the crown of the raffia boater hats and bonnets I'm crocheting. Lovely silk ribbon with green cotton embroidery floss stems and green silk ribbon leaves.

une joli fleur au ruban

Learn how to embroider violet satin ribbons

Hydrangea Card in Silk Ribbon Embroidery by bstudio on Etsy

ribbon embroidery, two pink flowers with ribbon

Silk Ribbon Embroidery tuts.  Kurdele Nakışı Y İğne Tekniği 2

Feather Stitch Like the sample but web page info is funky.

violets - ribbon embroidery

Violets done in ribbon embroidery. See the related pins for other gorgeous examples.

Butterflies Silk Pillow pastel silk ribbon embroidery by bstudio, $65.00

Butterflies Pillow pastel color silk ribbon embroidery

Butterflies Pillow pastel color silk ribbon embroidery by bstudio


I usually don't do ribbon embroidery, but I love these ribbon embroidered tulips. / Фото #181 - Вышивка лентами-7 - pskov-sveta

Ribbon embroidery of fuschia flowers - Gallery. / Фото #11 - Моя вышивка лентами 2 - Valehcia embroidered silk ribbon flowers

Embroidered silk ribbon Lily of the valley flowers / Фото #55 - вышивка лентами 2014 - pskov-sveta / Фото #55 - вышивка лентами 2014 - pskov-sveta

Вышивка Лентами Мастер Класс

вышивка лентами

violets with ribbon embroidery. The stems are made by twisting the ribbon really tightly. See related pins for more examples.

Tammy Tutterow Tutorial: ribbon embroidery embellishments.

Tuesday Tutorial: Ribbon Embroidery Embellishments

Ribbon Flower tutorial by Tammy Tutterow.