• Deb Shults-Brod

    Five For Fighting - What If Baby you get it yet you don't... so let's play the what if game.....

  • Liberti Zimmerman

    "Take my hand for a minute. We're in it. Imagine all the pain that might be forgiven. What if I had your heart? What if you wore my scars? How would we break down? What if you were me? What if I were you?.. What if you told my lies? What if I cried with your eyes? Could anyone keep us down? What if you were me? What if I were you?…"

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“That’s the thing about pain, it demands to be felt.” — The Fault In Our Stars John Green

Damien Rice – “I Don’t Want To Change You” - Stereogum

Ray LaMontagne (born 6/18/73 in New Hampshire) and Damien Rice (born 12/7/73 in Co Kildare, Ireland) live acoustic duet on the Bee Gees "To Love Somebody"

Damien Rice's O Album. The Blower's Daughter gives me goosebumps most of the time because of his unique voice..

the fault in our stars

Elphaba and Elsa mashup

The office

The fact that in the end that really is what happened.

DIVERGENT - TV Spot #11: Resistance (Official)

Will and Al need to switch. I would rather look at the guy who currently plays Al's face for the entire movie than the guy who plays Will.

Zooey Deschanel :)))))

500 days of summer; leading actress Zooey Deschanel & actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Allies //Catching Fire // Hunger Games

Hope / Catching Fire / hunger Games

Catching Fire / Hunger Games / Peeta / Katniss


Gilmore girls

...oh Anchorman. Haha

yesssss haha

Excuse me?!

Selina Kyle The dark knight rises

I love Barney

Things Musicals Taught Me - RENT