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Tony Evans: Gay Marriage Is Not a Civil Rights Issue - Urban FaithUrban Faith. When President Obama announced that he now supports same-sex marriage, he cited his Christian faith as the reason for his “evolving” views. Yet for many other Christians, their commitment to Jesus Christ and an orthodox view of the Bible is the reason why they reject homosexuality as a valid lifestyle.

Japanese Madonnas Painted by Nun

japan1.jpg (267×355) From a Carmelite nun in Japan. I love it because its the Holy Family.

Most of our days begin rather predictably. Day after day, for the most part, we could enter into our diary the same three words:

Global news briefingz group - updates. Don't miss this one as it is loaded [17/08 2:04 p.m.] By Kasiriivu James Africa is watching South Africa with analysts predicting Jacob Zuma could be moving in a direction to amend South Africa's constitution to fit with those of other African Countries. President Jacob Zuma was heard saying that the ruling ANC would govern until the return of Jesus. This was after the African National Congresss (ANC) National Executive Committee (NEC) chose to…

Cloistered Japanese Carmelite nuns paint Japanese Madonna pictures, these are gorgeous. Click link to see many more.

Orthodox Rabbi Reveals Name of Messiah "JESUS","Yehoshua" or "Yeshua"(Hebrew) - YouTube ... ... Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri reveals the name of the Messiah before he died! He was a renowned Mizrahi Haredi rabbi and Kabbalist who devoted his life to Torah study. The Rabbi said 'The Messiah will return shortly after Arial Sharon's death. Sharon died January 11, 2014, and the Rabbi died April 2006.

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