Would be nice as a tatoo, no ? Illustration by Rebecca Ladds

This would be a beautiful tattoo (:

Interesting tattoo design, flower girl - literally. I would put the tree of life and a yin yang sign somewhere

OMG I loooove this!! I need this tattoed on me, right now lol -- Fear Death. by Andrew Parsons, via Behance

Soft Anatomy tattoo by Ien Levin based on artwork by Rebecca Ladds. I am in love.


We are all already dead anyway. Thinking of you, Keith.


Botanical art mixed with anatomical drawings are interesting and a total fit with this "artifact" style.

Lilith's Brethren by WolfSkullJack on deviantART

A butterfly effect- Norman Duenas

see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil My husbands newest addition to ink.

Great tatoo

The flower starts as a very tiny flower in the muck and mud of a pond. Then it grows continuously towards the light to the ponds surface. After the flower gets to the surface of the pond it starts to blossom turning into an exquisite and beautiful flower.



Octopus Sketch

This Would Look Awesome As A Half Sleeve Tattoo

Mandala Pattern of Color

"Space Fox" Photographic Prints by nellmeowmeow | Redbubble. Love the actually colloring behind the swirly lines