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Grover's 2013 NCAA bracket, based on states with most competitive tax climates.

The Miami Heat’s Chris Bosh didn’t get much love after his Game 1 performance, but there is some good news: When SI released its “Fortunate 50” list of the highest paid athletes in 2013, Bosh was ranked 47th. He jumped to the 31st spot once state and local income tax rates were factored in: http://bit.ly/172rjPD

Liberal billionaire Tom Steyer is going on a $100 million spending spree to draw attention to global warming before November. Find out which states may be on his radar:


Seriously President Obama?

WHEN: Wednesday, April 10, 2013, 12-1pm ET WHERE: Twitter.com or your Twitter app, using the hashtag #WDWTU WHO: You, Grover Norquist (@GroverNorquist), and Watchdog Wire. WHAT: Discussing the growing tax burden and ideas for tax reform WHY: The fiscal cliff deal and the dozens of new taxes in Obamacare caused the tax burden on citizens to balloon again this year. Grover brings a wealth of ideas to the table on reforming the tax code and promoting prosperity.

Curious to see how different politicians selected their winning teams in the NCAA tournament? Check out what MSNBC had to say about Grover's NCAA bracket picks. http://youtu.be/opuzT-gIEHg

Gov. Jay Nixon turned his back on Missouri taxpayers by vetoing a major tax reform measure that would have lowered income tax rates. Missouri residents now have an added incentive to move to neighboring Kansas, which enjoys lower tax rates and a better economic outlook: http://bit.ly/13ht2em

Yahoo! Sports recently reported boxing superstar Manny Pacquaio decided to host his next fight outside the U.S. because federal tax rates are too high. Simply put: Tax rates matter. http://bit.ly/13ipY3M

The Internet Sales Tax: Back from the Dead

Urge your senators to vote against the Internet Tax Mandate!

2013 SC Lowcountry Gobbler #2 - YouTube

Found this on taxidermy.net...great way to show off turkey kills...definitely doing this.

My first gobbler of the 2013 season! The final shot is blurry due to stuff in the foreground, but it's better than nothing. He gobbles at least 4 times as well in this video. I called in 3+ hens with this gobbler. He hung up 150+ yards away, but apparently he was waiting to assembly his hens. After nearly a hour of waiting after sunrise I br...

Some good audio of gobblers and me talking to ZW as they were coming in on our setup. Then some hens literally saved these longbeards at the last minute (you get a glimpse of them at the end of the clip)! At the 1:31 mark is a good close gobble by both birds! The hens enter stage right at the 2:21 mark - at 2:43 they get loud. At 3:10 I get t...

Pretty impressed with these guys so far. Got one of their diaphragm calls a few weeks back and really liking it. Considering their box call. Big sound out of a small package + great idea on the rope/lid holder.