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When He Flashed an Over-the-Shoulder Grin

Charlie Hunnam... lose the beard and he would be fiiiiiine! look at those cheek bones, and the eyes

Charlie Hunnam and Excalibur glisten in 'King Arthur' first look photos

'King Arthur' first look: See Charlie Hunnam (and Excalibur!) on the set of Guy Ritchie's medieval epic | |

He's Equally as Handsome as Casual Guy Charlie

Pin for Later: 36 Charlie Hunnam GIFs That Will Make You Realize How Multifaceted He Really Is He's Equally as Handsome as Casual Guy Charlie

He and Col always made a pair - he's always worn his hair human short to help with getting into the engines he fixes and designs. Col wears her's to the epitome of Eldar tradition - loose it snakes to the back of her knees in copper waves. She wears it braided and looped into ropes of hair most days and has two maids just for her hair arrangements.

Charlie Hunnam, shirtless and rustic. There are not a lot of things in this world that are hotter. Although, what the heck is he doing with his hands? Is he reading a pretend book? Wondering how dirt got on his pretty British hands? More