lavender cancer ribbon tattoos pictures - This would be cool to represent the many differing colors of cancer ribbons in one! As opposed to the band I was going to get with each ribbon

butterfly tattoos

autism tattoo - Don't want a tattoo but love this design

Mother/Daughter Tattoo --

The perfect autism tattoo - if I can't get color

maybe a combo of these, the sideview of the butterfly and the three seeds...maybe I can get a dandelion and the seeds are coming off of it, with the butterfly! Love it! Autism tattoo

omg I am in love with this tattoo

"Give him roots so he may grow and wings so he may fly." Autism awareness tattoo for my little boy <3

Women's Tattify 'Bird Is the Word' Temporary Tattoos

Autism tattoo. I absolutely love it!!

I want this but purple like the other one I pinned Autism Tattoo | Photo: Autism Tattoo

autism tattoo

This is the tattoo I recently got for my autistic brother. He is my biggest fan, my inspiration and the reason I am the person I have grown to be today. He will always be under my wing. Autism love!

I love this tattoo I may get this one when I'm old enough <3

Autism Tattoo. This is awesome!

Autism tattoo idea! However, I'm not a huge fan of yellow.

Autism pinwheel tattoo - I love this. I think I'll get it with the words "and though she be delicate, she can harness the wind" for my lovely girl.

Love this idea but instead of the music notes I want to get autism puzzle pieces for my daughter with autism <3

This website has a bunch of specially made temporary tattos..I love this colorwheel!

great tattoo!