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Mahogany Obsidian Pyramids bring grounding and stabilizing energies to provide protection to your space. #pyramids

Yellow Jasper Stone

A Yellow Jasper Stone carries the energy of the sun. Yellow Jasper stones constantly give out positive vibrations, connecting you to the Earth and promoting happiness and positivity. It is a strong healing crystal for anyone who often finds themselves stressed, anxious or depressed because it replaces those negative feelings with ones of joy and overall happiness.

10 Crystals That Will Make You Healthier & Happier

Blue Kyanite Stone is the best stone for restoring energy balance. It calms the mind and quickly creates stillness and tranquility, making it an ideal meditation stone. Discover more here:

Selenite Cleansing Stone

The Selenite Cleansing Stone is perfect for all types of energy cleansing. It is one of the the very few minerals that has the ability to quickly unblock stagnant energy and remove negative energy. Selenite stones also greatly magnify the energy of anything that is placed upon them.

Citrine is the stone of Happiness and you can see why ! It never needs to be cleansed and enhances the energy within any room.

Raw Sodalite

Invite nature into your life: Raw Sodalite Calming, soothing stone that restores harmony and balance