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    • Tj

      Not all in my language XD.

    • Emma Smallwood

      I'm divergent, Harry potter, Percy Jackson, hunger games, Narnia, and mortal instruments

    • Cristina Murillo

      Símbolos de fans

    • Marriam Nieves

      Soy Efecto colateral, Greysessed, Twilighter, Narnianos, Divergente, Nefilim y Angel caído y muchos más por ser!!!

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    I would like to learn this spell. It is very useful and handy. Forget your homework? Summon it. It would also beat carrying all of your stuff around. You would gradually gain more wait as the day progressed.

    11a.) She loves reading with all her heart. Books are one of her only sources of education and education is very important to her.

    "deaths, in order" It starts out sad, but it is ends happiness.

    The Fault In Our Stars by John Green | 13 Of Your Favorite Books If Their Titles Were Honest

    Maybe dying was him punishing himself for saving Harry... maybe that's why he was ok with dying.

    Graphic, yes. I'd love a tattoo of someone holding a book over their face with all sorts of things coming out like this. In a frame. Harry Potter's stars, a bird for To Kill A Mockingbird & Jane Eyre, a lamp for Narnia, two stars for The Fault In Our Stars, a ruby slipper for Wizard of Oz & Wicked, an arrow for the Hunger Games, the infinity symbol for The Perks of Being a Wallflower, pretty magical swirls... SO MANY POSSIBILITIES.

    harry potter what the heck it wrong with you nevel all right you were in harry potter