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Church's Chicken... Shineka must be a romantic: Shimeka should say yes...I would #perfectproposal

Classy Marriage Proposal Fail - Church's Chicken - Shineka Will You Marry Me?: I think the guy that did this gets extra points for creativity but the church's c

Olympic Divers Photoshopped,  Click the link to view today's funniest pictures!

Funny pictures about Olympic divers on the toilet. Oh, and cool pics about Olympic divers on the toilet. Also, Olympic divers on the toilet.

.omg A check issued straight to you from the "Ghetto National Bank".

I get this at work all the time! I didn't realize how many people can't spell or write a check lol

Awesome stickmen stickers on the car.

Family Car Stickers Can Never Be So Awesome

Funny pictures about Stickmen stickers. Oh, and cool pics about Stickmen stickers. Also, Stickmen stickers.

Hola Soy Milk

Love language humor (soy translates to, "I am.") But wouldn't milk introduce itself as "Soy leche" in Spanish? Oh, well the joke is still funny!

Oh! So thats how it works!!!!!!! omg day made!

LOL to this so hard. "If your phone gets wet, try placing it in a bag of rice. At night, the rice will attract Asians who will fix your electronics for you.


from Hazel Park, Michigan sent in this hilarious sign for a very confident hair salon. See more funny signs here!