im a grenade - The Fault in Our Stars

im on a roller coaster that only goes up my friend- The Fault in Our Stars


D: ~John Green, The Fault in Our Stars

TFIOS - I Dislike Living in a World Without Augustus Waters

Just finished reading this book and I think I'm drowning in my tears and sadness. Tears and sadness will pass, but I will never*SPOILER* get over Augustus Water's death.

:) everything :) hurts :) and :) I'm :) dying :)

"I do Augustus. I do." ❤

And this is one of the many reasons why The Fault In Our Stars will forever be one of my favorite books.

The Most Beautiful Quotes From The Fault in Our Stars-- this was a great movie !!! Loved Hazel ....

The Fault in Our Stars ❤️ "The only person I wanted to talk about Augustus Waters death was Augustus Waters himself."

The Fault in Our Stars

the fault in our stars

"Then I walked up to the podium and unfolded the piece of paper on which I'd printed my eulogy." (20.259) This is one of the saddest parts in the book I believe. Hazel's eulogy to Augustus is amazing. It shows how much she truly loves him and it brings them to tears.

Me: You should read it! It's wonderful and sad and funny and beautiful and you'll cry on every page! Other people: *Wow that sounds so appealing*

This is where I died. This scene was so much more emotional than I would have thought

Just finished looking for alaska


what a slut time is. she screws everybody. -The Fault in Our Stars

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