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A group of beautiful young 1940s women wearing trousers and casual blouses. #vintage #pants #1940s #fashion

This is a typical 1950s dress.1950s style included feminine and romantic silhouettes - full circle skirts, fitted pencil skirts and A-line shapes - that marked women's return to home and hearth after the war years.Dior and Balenciaga are the most successful designers in this decade. And all of the beautiful changes from Dior "New look" 1947

We Had Faces Thenfrom We Had Faces Then

Girlfriends, 1950s


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a few great pics


Although I did not wear YSL, I did wear the first pants suit to Colerain High School in 1970. Yves Saint Laurent 1970's collections


Classy Trip Skirt

Classy Trip Skirt - Midi, Better, Blue, Woven, Long, Blue, Solid, Buttons, Belted, Work, Casual, Vintage Inspired, 50s, 40s, A-line

pretty fair assessment of a work-outfit for me. need more skinny ties/need to get kevin to buy more so i can steal them

Linda Morand - 1960s fashion mod. Linda Morand is an American fashion model, cover-girl and haute couture mannequin Known as 'SuperChick' She was a iconic for fashion at that time with her tomboy look.