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  • Hayley Brown

    Except my two best friends are Whovians as well.

  • Amanda Underwood

    The funny increases when one of your crazy Dr. Who friends sends this to you... Apology accepted!

  • Kyla Herbst

    Obsession with Doctor Who...oh my this is true! Sorry peoples!

  • Joanna Warpechowski

    I'm sorry my constant obsession with Doctor Who has slightly ruined our friendship, but not sorry enough to stop. | TV Ecard

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THOUGHT THIS FROM THE MOMENT THIS HAPPENED. Not to mention the vortex manipulator that River is going to use to go visit them in New York... wtf Moffat.

  • Amanda Magera

    Having now had the Weeping Angels explained, I have a theory. If the Weeping Angels send people into the past and feed off their time energy, may they can't come back into the present because their time energy in the present is gone so they would just vanish?

  • Natalie Brown

    That's a good theory! ^^

gif sissy... way cool Late night? No sleep? This'll help! - Imgur

This is one of my favorite parts of that season simply because it explains America so well.

I am in the minority. I liked Martha a lot. I'm not saying that I thought she and the Doctor belonged together or anything, but as a companion I thought that she was awesome. (Be honest- if you were travelling with the Doctor you'd be in love with him, too.)

  • Amanda Toomey

    I have to say I agree with Abbey here. I think traveling with the Doctor would be brilliant, but I don't think I'd fall in love with him. I'd be more like Donna, let's go out and party, but it's strictly as friends.

  • Kadie Omlor

    Hmmmm... Now being honest Martha is my least favorite companion but that doesn't mean I don't like her. I do love her and she did amazing things, but out of the rest she's me least favorite

  • Covinskey

    I personally didn't mind Martha. I think the reason others don't like her that she had a big crush and the Doctor was still reeling from loosing Rose. So naturally she gets fed up and irritated, which is annoying, but playing Devil's Advocate, the Doctor wasn't exactly forthcoming about Rose and himself either. I think Martha couldn't take a hint, but that doesn't make her a bad person and it certainly didn't make her a bad character

  • Maddy K

    I agree with Covinskey. I didn't think Martha was a bad character, but she was a little needy and didn't have much character development. And yes the Doctor was still reeling from the loss of Rose. I think we didn't like her as much because at that time the Doctor needed a mate, not a girlfriend.

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I squealed while watching the new Christmas special of Doctor Who. Sherlock Holmes AND Doctor Who???? Holy cow, I'm in HEAVEN!

That awkward moment when you get shot by your wife- in front of your wife- who then proceeds to try and kill your wife- while your best friend is off to the side, pregnant with your wife...

yes. yes he is.

Whovian philosophy. This remind me of a song Chris Hardwick sang on the Nerdist :)

But it's true, I can never see those things as simply what they are again.

Timelord Timelines And Other Doctor Who Infographics | Blog

For two supposedly emotionless races, the daleks and cybermen are surprisingly sassy.<---that XD