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    DIY Chevron Planter Box - hey Shauna Younge - Darren should build some of these for our garden collab (and make a couple extra for me!)

    Had one! But ours was purple with a white top. No heat..sausage fingers in the winter from frost bite driving it!!

    Some cars have such classic lines you don't have to see the whole thing to know what it is.

    .Ours was Silver, she'd top a hill on the autobahn at 90+....she was a true jewel and 41 yrs later, we still miss her!

    My kitten: the first car I ever owned.

    The Original VW would be in better condition after rolling down into a 30-foot ravine than a Toyota after hitting a curb. The cabin is water-tight so it won't sink. And if the garage isn't an option, pluck it in the living room!

    ✮ Mosaic VW Bug. This is Mexican art made by hand with small beads, pasted together, one by one, with a special wax. The result is simply amazing!!

    Volksy, The Little Yellow Car, vintage children's picture book. Rand McNaly Elf Book.

    Sixties style. This is likely taken in Germany or somewhere you'd find all of these cars.