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Beijing typographer Liam Lee likes to take Chinese poems and turn them into beautiful typographic pieces. In this case he took a poem of probably China’s most famous poet Li Bai (Li Po).

Chinese poetic typography

Li Bai (ca 705 - also called Li Po, is probably China's most famous poet. In this regard Ronald Egan writes (Controversy, "In the first centuries o…

Escritura china:

Chinese netizen reactions to a CPPCC proposal to return to using complex/traditional characters decades after adopting, teaching,

二十四節氣字體設計 chinese and typeface graphic design #graphicdesign #type #chinesefont #njvdesign

二十四節氣字體設計 chinese and typeface graphic design #graphicdesign #type #chinesefont #njvdesign

The Oracle Bone Script, called 'Jiaguwen' (in Chinese), is the 1st relatively complete character system laying the foundations for the development of the later Chinese characters, which have undergone several stages respectively marked by Jin-wen (Bronze Script), Xiaozhuan (Lesser Seal Character), Li-shu (Clerical Script), Cao-shu (running script), and Kai-shu (Regular Script) that gradually evolved into simplified characters we use as standard form today.

It is Oracle bone inscription (Chinese: 甲骨文; As the earliest Chinese writing scripts, Oracle bone inscriptions are the ancient Chinese characters carved on tortoise shells and animal scapulae.

Caracteres chinos: como escribir 字

Caracteres chinos: como escribir 字