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The Internet – “Cocaine” Video (Feat. Left Brain) - Stereogum matt alonzo director

His heart beat.

This could be really sweet and romantic... or it could go zero to sixty real quick, depending on whether a horror author gets ahold of it or not.

Amygdala: Located near the hippocampus in the frontal portion of the temporal lobes, the amygdala: are involved in the formation and storage of information related to emotional events; facilitate long-term memory formation; convert and retain learning from pleasure responses; and help us recognize when we are in danger or fearful of something. Injury to the amygdala may affect: memory formation; emotional sensitivity; learning & retention; depression; and anxiety.

hunters of artemis.Bottum picture:Bianca(Left) Zoe(Right)And Thalia(Middle)Thalia Grace is the only one still alive.Both Bianca di angelo and Zoe nightshade died in the same book :(